Robin Levine at Pro Nationals

July - August 1998
Volume 9, Number 4


    PROfile: Tour News
  • IRT/Phoenix: Monchik def. Doyle
  • IRT/Santa Barbara: Swain def. Monchik
  • WIRT/New York: Gould def. Paraiso
  • Tour Update: New Official Stringer Named
  • Pro Tour Rankings, Scoreboard & Calendar
  • From the Editor, by Linda Mojer
  • Reader Forum
  • Changing Times, by Luke St. Onge
  • Industry News: Titanium lineup from Wilson, marketing updates from ProKennex & Head, news clips from IHRSA.
  • RB: Global: Reports from Germany, Holland, Ireland, USAF in Europe, Canada and an interview with Mary Diaz.
  • RB: People & Places: Johnson Family Tribute, Andy Tucknott, Paraiso & Muehleisen, A.C. Puckett, NMRA Singles Report and Singles Photo Gallery.
  • EXPANDED USRA National Rankings: Online Only... the Top-25! [As of May 28, 1998 -- including National Singles points!]
  • USRA National Events Calendar [July through December]
  • Corporate Sponsors & Advertisers
  • Ektelon Performance Series: The Drive Serve -- by Andy Roberts
  • Head Rules: Preparing for a New Season -- by Fran Davis
  • Wilson Game Plan: Workout for Speed -- by Lynn Adams
  • Ashaway Mains & Crosses: Wearing Tails to a Keg Party -- by Steve Crandall
    Online "entries" are informational only ... you must request an official entry form from the national office to enter national events, or use abridged versions published in the print version of RACQUETBALL.
  • SPECIAL: Regional Champions
  • National Doubles [October 14-18]
  • U.S. Open [November 11-15]

Lefties Marci Drexler and Robin Levine dominated the Women’s International Racquetball Tour Pro National event in Vegas ... after Levine defeated long-time champion Michelle Gould in the semi-final. Inset: Cliff Swain celebrates his win over Andy Roberts. Photos: John Foust.

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