Jackie Paraiso

March - April 1999 | Vol.10, No.2


    PROfile: Tour News
  • WIRT/Lakewood -- Paraiso def. Van Hees
  • WIRT/Chalfont -- Paraiso def. Gudinas
  • IRT/Lakewood -- Swain def. Locker
  • IRT/Denver -- Monchik def. Swain
  • Pro Tour Scoreboard & Calendar
  • From the Editor, by Linda Mojer
  • Reader Forum
  • Changing Times, by Luke St. Onge
  • Industry News -- Releases from Ashaway, Promus U.S. OPEN, Head, USRA.
  • Board of Directors Election -- Slate includes Keith Calkins, Rosita Cornelius, Jim Garner, Shelley Ogden & Geoff Peters.
  • RB: People & Places -- Johnny Hennen, Jo Kenyon, Gordon Chapman.
  • RB: Global -- News from Canada, Japan & Germany.
  • TOP 25 -- ONLINE ONLY! USRA National Rankings ... through the Top-25! [As of January 15, 1999]
  • Expanded! USRA National Events Calendar [March through mid-June, 1999]
  • Corporate Sponsors & Advertisers
  • Sudsy's Magic Show: The Backhand -- SPECIAL! by Sudsy Monchik
  • Head Rules: Mental Toughness -- by Fran Davis
  • Wilson Game Plan: Returning the Z-Serve -- by Lynn Adams
  • Ashaway Mains & Crosses: Customizing your Racquet -- by Steve Crandall
  • AmPRO Clinic Schedule
  • A World of String -- by Kelly Kirk
    Online "entries" are informational only ... to enter national events you must request an official entry form from the national office, use abridged forms published in RACQUETBALL, or download/print versions made available online in .pdf form.
  • E-Force 27th USRA National Intercollegiate Championships: Event Info
  • 1999 Regional Events
  • Ektelon 32nd USRA National Singles Championships: Event Info

Jackie Paraiso exhibits her championship form. Photo courtesy: Filter Design.

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