Obremski & Ganim in Baltimore

November - December 1998 | Vol.9, No.6


    PROfile: Tour News
  • IRT/Las Vegas -- Monchik/Doyle def. Swain/Ellis
  • IRT/New Orleans -- Monchik def. Swain
  • IRT/Stockton -- Swain def. Monchik
  • ProRX: Overuse Syndromes -- by Grant Smith, D.C.
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  • Changing Times, by Luke St. Onge
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  • RB: Global -- Junior Team USA in Ireland, plus reports from Puerto Rico, Germany, Canada & Mexico.
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  • USRA National Events Calendar [November through mid-February]
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  • AmPRO Lessons: Doubles Strategy [featuring Chris Evon, Cheryl Gudinas, Adam Karp & Dan Obremski] -- by Jim Hiser, Ph.D
  • AmPRO ClubRACQUET: The Fitness Coaching Corner -- by Marcy Lynch
  • Head Rules: Proper Warm Up -- by Fran Davis
  • Wilson Game Plan: Tips for Ceiling Balls to the Forehand -- by Lynn Adams
  • Ashaway Mains & Crosses: Players have Big Say in New Products -- by Steve Crandall
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  • World Juniors [December 18-22]
  • 1999 Regional Events

Dan Obremski (shown left) and Doug Ganim have plenty of doubles titles to their credit – but it had been over a decade since they had won the nationals. Photos: Vicki Hughes.

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